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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear President of Fellowship

Greg Holman. From Territorial Dispatch
Yuba County 5th District (Oregon House/Foothills) Supervisor Hal Stocker wrote on the political forum, September 10, 2014: [ed. - link no longer active]
Dear Mr. Greg Holman, [Fellowship of Friends] President:

In the interest of harmony between the Fellowship and the rest of the community, please do your best to get the Fellowship to not push a local agenda that is at odds with the wishes and desires of the great majority of residents in Dobbins-Oregon House.

By this I refer to the Fellowship's efforts to rezone much of their lands for housing projects.

Most of the local (non-Fellowship) residents want to keep Dobbins-Oregon House much the way it is.

As stated in their Plan: They prefer tree-tops over roof-tops. They don't care to be another Grass Valley.

And, with this severe drought, there is not enough water for the present population, let alone for new-comers.

Personally, I have had no objection to North Yuba Grown, and I have supported that effort. I support Gary and Kim Hawthorne in their local ag efforts. Also, I am in favor of more recognition for our excellent local wines and olive oils, etc., etc. And tourism is fine, kept under control.

WE ALL NEED TO GET ALONG TOGETHER. Let's make an effort.

Hal Stocker. 675-2282

[ed. - A lively debate has ensued, including this comment from, one might guess to be, a certain Charles Walter Sharp, Fellowship member and business partner of Randy Fletcher. In November, Stocker will face Fletcher in a run-off election for the 5th District Supervisor seat. Also jumping in on the "conversation" is Nick Spaulding, Fellowship political activist and outspoken critic of the incumbent, who has for years pursued development rights for Fellowship interests. There is also evidence that the Fellowship has engaged the services of international public relations and marketing firm Edelman to help their image during this (perhaps unintended) entry into the spotlight.]

"cws2352" wrote on the political forum, September 10, 2014:

Hal, old news and you know it could never actually happen. This type of posting is beneath an ethical person. You are trying to incite the haters and use the FOF as a scapegoat to trash Fletcher. Why do that when you already have their (the haters) vote? It's not likely that you'll sway any clear thinking individuals.

Petty, pathetic and perilous.

Like you said Hal, "WE ALL NEED TO GET ALONG TOGETHER. Let's make an effort."

[ed. - It should be noted that bloggers "Oak Ranch," "Loraine," and "Many whoas" took Stocker to task for his claim below that they have been working for the Fellowship.]

"Hal Stocker" wrote on the political forum, September 8, 2014:
For anybody who happens to be checking in on this site,the above is all about the Fellowship wanting the county to rezone their back 800-900 acres, so they can put in a subdivision back there and make a lot of money for the Fellowship. The same thing went on with Tom Richards 5-6000 acres a few years ago.

But the people don't want it, for various reasons, and the county didn't want it in the General Plan.

Greg Crompton just put article in the paper about what a bad idea it is from a fire safe viewpoint. If there were a fire back there, a lot of people would get trapped with no way out.

Now (above) we have Nightshift (Oak Ranch, Loraine, Many whoas), who seem to have been working overtime for the Fellowship for the past few years, making a nuisance with the county, especially while working on the General Plan, a few years ago.

Reference was made to a meeting where I said "they" weren't representative of his(my) constituents. I could have said that, because Nightshift (or whatever) and their small group, along with Tom Richards made up a small percentage of the people in Dobbins-Oregon House, let alone the rest of the 5th District.

So, what the Fellowship has wanted for years is for the county to essentially re-zone their 900 acres or so, from 10-20-40 acres to 5 acres or smaller, so they can put in a subdivision or, at least many, many houses! That's what all the fuss was with the General Plan, to get the Community Boundary extended out.

The Fellowship should call it quits on this issue, and they would get along better with the rest of the community. As I said, the majority of people don't want housing projects in Dobbins-Oregon House, especially now in the midst of an horrendous drought. There is not enough water to supply the present residents, let alone newcomers.

Yes, we can all get along together, including the Fellowship, but no special agendas please, and work with the rest of the people.

Hal Stocker, 675-2282

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  1. Would the Fellowship simply be wanting to build a subdivision of homes for their own people - or is it to create needed revenue by selling parcels to individuals or a developer of a subdivision outside of the Fellowship?