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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

North Fork Yuba River partnership formed

[ed. - The North Fork Yuba River business partnership will become a point of contention in the 2014 Board of Supervisors election, as partner Randy Fletcher runs against incumbent 5th District Supervisor Hal Stocker, and receives considerable political support from Fellowship of Friends members. During the election campaign intense criticism focused on the fact that, if elected, Fletcher would participate in deciding matters before the Board that could benefit the Fellowship in general, and his partners in particular.]

From North Yuba Grown Meeting minutes, March 6, 2013:
Freja and Roger checked to Bylaws to be sure a sitting member of the board could change their office. It was agreed that Article IV, Section 5 does allow for this change to be made.

The group voted and Jenny became Treasurer and Kim stayed Vice-Chair.

Agenda Item 5

– Wrap up presentation of Strategic Planning. – Steven (5 min)

Steven handed out an outline of the budget for the three committees (Publicity & Promotion, Community Outreach, Agritourism) and described their goals for 2013. The budget showed that in order to accomplish its goals, NYG needs $30,000 more than it expects to earn in 2013.

Steven acknowledged that the strategic plan is a work in progress and that NYG is going to look for members and sponsors which will offset the deficit somewhat. He noted that any funds we do acquire have already been allocated by the strategic plan.

Agenda Item 6

– North Fork Developments update. –Steven (10 min)

Steven reported that the North Fork Project has been a work in progress for the last 6 to 8 months. A corporation has been formed (North Fork Yuba River, Inc.) with two current objectives.

One is to create a coffee house, local food market, simple restaurant and very nice wine tasting room. The corporation is hoping to purchase the Willow Glen Restaurant as a venue, but will pursue other possibilities if the Willow Glen does not work out. Ideally this will be open for the upcoming season, but realistically it will be open sometime later this year.

The second objective is to develop Randy Fletcher’s chestnut orchard into a special events location. This will be operational by June, 2013. Steven plans to host the Local Art Food Wine lunches there every Saturday throughout the summer if the North Fork restaurant is not yet running. Steven mentioned that NYG can include the chestnut orchard as a venue for its Agritourism events.

North Fork Yuba River, Inc. is a collection of local people that want to help make these two businesses work. It includes Randy Fletcher, Katie Lee, David Lee and Charles Sharp. The corporation is looking for a couple more investors that can be good partners for making these businesses successful. Investments are at about $100,000.

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