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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Benjamin Yudin, traveling "teacher"

[ed. - Benjamin Yudin's "Mysticism" website was part of Asaf Braverman's "Ark in Time" network. Since Braverman's 2016 departure from the Fellowship, the site has been deactivated. Copies are available on the Internet Archive.]

Benjamin Yudin Fellowship of Friends researcher
"Howeird Carter" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, July 28, 2007:
Weekly Bomb

The story was told thusly:

B_nj_m_n Y_d_n [Benjamin Yudin] ( yes he of the inner circle) has well learned the fundamental sequence (known as the 6) from Robert Burton. Yes, he can’t keep his trousers on either. However, his weakness is young girls or young good looking women.

It seems his reputation needed a boost abroad. He was already the laughing stock of many young girls in and around Oregon House (yeesss – young daughters of students had already been giggling among themselves, of the silly fat fart that would expose himself whenever, wherever he got the chance, or even proposition some of them outright).

Tired of not getting enough at Oregon House, he went abroad to the centers to spread the good word of interpretation of the “Bible Keys”.

It seems, the Bible Keys was not the only thing he was intent on spreading.

Within a very short period of time, he was recalled by Asaf after many complaints from Center Directors who were very concerned about the havoc he was creating in the centers by propositioning the young, vulnerable female students. He was having problems keeping his trousers on even there. Gosh, there was even rumour of attempted force (in some countries it might even be termed rape).

The “Bible Keys” came to an abrupt end! Asaf felt “it was time to end the Bible Keys – since the School had moved on.

What do you think? Howeird is that?

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