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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Photoshop rules

Photoshopped inscription on photo of Chartres Cathedral by Fellowship of Friends cult member.
Detail of Chartres Cathedral with "Photoshopped" inscription
added by a devout Fellowship of Friends member

No Person posted on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog:
Opus111 [blog poster, asked:], “How about the photoshop issue? Do you know of flagrant forgeries in the images that students are shown?”
Yes, I do. So do many others! It was e-mailed to the whole school, what, you forgot? Or did you just join yesterday? Here’s the ‘official letter” from January 23, 2006 after one of such “images” were sent to students with the task from the teacher to install it as your desktop image. It was a pure forgery, pieced together in Photoshop to make a point. After many repeated questions about the true origin of this “esoteric image” official FOF finally confessed:
Dear Friends,
The source of the desktop image is from the Royal Portal at Chartres Cathedral (right bay archivolts of the West facade). Circa 1145. The archivolts depict the Seven Liberal Arts, with scholars who best illustrate each art.
The two scholars shown in the picture represent Music on the left, and Grammar on the right. The quotation is not part of the original picture, but was entered via PhotoShop.
In presence,
Linda Tulisso [Linda Kaplan], Isis
Later I asked some “inner circle” friends about this issue, and they said that it is a pretty common practice to “photoshop” the information to make it fit the “current teaching”. (Like the amount of elements in the picture, or the image of “wolf in sheeps clothing”, etc etc.) It’s just being done, altering the original quotes, alering the original images, to tell you what Robert wants to tell you, to push his “sequence”. What would you call it? I would call it shameless LYING. You can call it anything you want! One dedicated stident from our NY center whom I asked about the issue of deliberate forgery, said that “it doesn’t matter, as long as it produces a state”.
So – there you go! Doesn’t matter.
May be there were not 6 poops after all, but 5 or 7… or 32 satrs… Or 9 men instead of 6… But who cares, right? Who cares about anything – as long as you get a state.. Anything for a state…
Photoshop rules.

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