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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"What one gains, we all gain."

[ed. - Robert Burton is fond of using the above expression. In most cases, the "one" refers to himself. Also see Quotations from Robert Earl Burton - 2003.]

"the captain" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion  blog, March 20, 2007:
Dear Friends around the world,

Last news ?????????????

Last night at our 31st Crystallization Anniversary Dinner, Robert was touched by the toast and wished to share it with all students:

“Let us toast to our first anniversary with the four wordless breaths, which enable each of us to be conscious beings. What one gains, we all gain.

He also wished to say that he realized that the first crystallization opened the door to thousands that will follow.

In friendship,

Linda Tulisso [Linda Kaplan]

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