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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pieternel's plea

"Please" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, March 11, 2007:
Please tell me it is not true,

Please tell me it is not true

The winery never made sales because of the info regarding RB “actions” would become known and the sales would drop over and over.

Please tell me that it is not true that my teacher offered to explain the 4th way books to the first students?

Please tell me it is not true that many of my friends went out to foreign centers to take pictures to show to my teacher for “future activities”.

Please tell me it is not true that my fellow- friends call ex students and students to check out information on other student’s activities in different spiritual areas?

Please tell me it is not true my doctor friends bring Prozac and Viagra to the Galleria? [Burton's residence]

Please tell me it is not true that my teacher was send away from his teacher because he was asked not to chase men and he could not keep this task?

Please tell me that it is not true the boys receive info that sperm has special energy so my teacher can do his special Work?

Why did I never ask the right questions…did things, trusted…why…?

Please my stomach hurt…I can not sleep. I try to see why I did not see this earlier in the School, why, why…

Yes it is true that I am slow and in all these years, was not aware…yes it is naïf [naive], CB [Cry Baby, Fellowship blogger] and others you can scold me…and still say it is so easy to leave?

Yes I see that my teacher has conditional love.

Yes, I saw myself treating others with conditional love.

O God, I do not understand is it better to go to the moon then to conform to your teacher, my conscience aches.

It aches so much. Maybe I should pretend it is all OK and not my business.

In the six processes Rodney Collin writes: “A man must speak and act as he thinks to stay mentally healthy…if not expressed can make terrible inroads on the whole physical and moral well-being of a man….”

It [Collins' book] also mentioned that there are always sign before crime manifests….Page 193. Crime will manifest when the process of destruction and corruption are not happening sufficiently.

O please tell me, I was not able to see things as they are…that it is not true.  Please….

The wish not to see things as they are…

Thanks all for reading and I know…time will heal all wounds, as my dear friend reminds me so often…

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