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The portrait that emerges stands in stark contrast to sanitized versions presented on the Fellowship's array of
alluring websites, and on derivative sites created by Burton's now-estranged
disciple, Asaf Braverman.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Journey Forth by Day to Isis 2005

[ed. - The 2005 Journey Forth by Day gathering of the Fellowship faithful at Isis (aka Apollo) was heralded as "the biggest fundraiser" ever! Though members may have labored thirty years for Robert Burton, and given him most everything they had, they still must pay to attend his meeting. For most members, the costs are a financial strain, but the pressure to attend is relentless. After all, nothing is free (except, that is, for Burton and his entourage.)]
Fellowship of Friends cult art director Brian Flynn

Fellowship of Friends Journey Forth by Day fundrainsing event

Fellowship of Friends cult Journey Forth by Day fundrainsing event

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