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Thursday, August 12, 2004

One can never be asked to give too much

[ed. - The above is a paraphrase of Robert Burton's words to a former Ranch Manager, when he asked his "teacher" whether he was too demanding of his workers. This post is slotted in the timeline when the original message was sent out. Memo author Karen Johnston is regarded by some as one of Robert Burton's chief enablers.]

"Traveler" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, December 5, 2007:
A search on my old email called this up. This is exactly how it was posted to members. Read it and weep.
K_r_n J_hnst_n
Date: 8.12.2004 19:45
Subject: [Students] A Dedicated Amount?
Dear Friends,
This email is to all of us, but in this case, let us separate ourselves in terms of the amount of income the Gods currently allow us to earn or that we are simply given each month to put to use at this time in our lives. For this division amoung the groups of us, there is no “life” connotation of what this means; only that for now, the Gods arranged our plays such that we have this current income.
Let us also surmise that Robert wishes us gradually to take over the building of our city (although he would continue to direct it), so that he would not have to have fund-raising events in order to “pay” for the building of Apollo, but he would be able to use the funds that he raises exactly as he wished because we had taken over the responsibility of paying for the building of our city ourselves.
For this to happen and slowly, slowly, through the auctions, it is already in the process of happening, we would need some of those with the higher levels of income at this time, to commit to themselves to spend a certain greater amount on each auction in order for us to make our goals. For example, if our total auction goal for this holiday is $188,000, how much would I as an individual need to commit? How much could I personally pay of that total amount?
If, going down in income, we each commit to that amount, even those on salary (a prize drawing ticket and one “give a gift, buy a gift”, for example), we could perhaps take over this responsibility from Robert. I am certain that we can do it if we realize we are helping him meet his task to build our city. It is even becoming very enjoyable as the beauty begins to surround us.
Can more of us come to the auctions with this in mind? I say, more of us, because many of you are already doing this.
Thank you for reading this and for thinking on what more personally each can contribute if we set our minds to it?
See you this Sunday, December 12th after the meeting for our Holiday Auction. We invite you all to come, even if you have failed to bid a hundred times. Come again, come!
Best in presence,
K_r_n J_hnst_n for the auction team
“May the glory of the two worlds stay with you” - Rumi

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