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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

"When I'm 64"

[ed. - The following account of Robert Burton's "stimulating" 64th birthday celebration shall have to remain classified as rumor.]

"Bares Reposting" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, May 26 2008:
72. Vinnie the Fish (quoting)
‘Hello Anna, what was that about 60 men for Robert’s birthday?
Reportedly, fellatio was performed, by the illustrious leader, on 64 different participants on the 64th birthday celebration. Someone, please, say it is not true.

"lauralupa" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, May 27, 2008:
a couple of things: I have heard about the 64 blowjobs too, from someone who was in the Fellowship at the time. Speaking of madness, isn’t this some of the craziest shit you have ever heard? I think it could be submitted to the Guinness World Records. Maybe Robert was inspired by that porn star who had sex with I forget how many guys in one day. Or was it just divine inspiration? Anyway, if any of the blessed 64 would be willing to come out in the open and tell us his side of the story that would be a lovely thought, would it not?

"Draco" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, May 27, 2008:

I heard the story about the 64 blowjobs from several sources. The exact number was uncertain, but it was in that region. Of course, most of them didn’t know that they were part of this huge celebration. I knew one student who had been out of favor sexually for a while (and had done his best to refuse Robert’s more extreme sexual demands) but was invited to see Robert on R’s birthday, where he was given a little bit of attention, a quick blowjob and then ushered out. He was very upset to discover later on that he had been part of this fellatio extravaganza. He also started realizing how guilty he had been feeling for refusing Robert anal sex. Robert kept telling him that he was being a denying force for C Influence. He’s still in though. Girard gave him a sustained intellectual battering (without ever addressing any of the abuse issues that the student brought up) and persuaded him to stay.

"Vinnie the Fish" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, May 27, 2008:

Elena is right, there’s only so many minutes in a day. Robert could make a living as an oral teacher if he’s that proficient.. Assuming he was at it for 8 hours solid, that’s 8 per hour, under 8 minutes per blow. Pretty fast considering physical beauty is obviously not a factor! I have girlfriends who could learn a lot from him. Anna will know the full story, where is she! Did he swallow? That would be about about a kilo wouldn’t it? That must sit well in the stomach…..

"Draco" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussionblog, May 27, 2008:

Unfortunately, Robert doesn’t hold the world record. That goes to Summer Nyte who managed 249 in the space of 14 hours.

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