Robert Earl Burton founded The Fellowship of Friends in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1970. Burton modeled his own group after that of Alex Horn, loosely borrowing from the Fourth Way teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. In recent years, the Fellowship has cast its net more broadly, embracing any spiritual tradition that includes (or can be interpreted to include) the notion of "presence."

The Fellowship of Friends exhibits the hallmarks of a "doomsday religious cult," wherein Burton exercises absolute authority, and demands loyalty and obedience. He warns that his is the only path to consciousness and eternal life. Invoking his gift of prophecy, he has over the years prepared his flock for great calamities (e.g. a depression in 1984, the fall of California in 1998, nuclear holocaust in 2006, and most recently the October 2018 "Fall of California Redux.")

According to Burton, Armageddon still looms in our future and when it finally arrives, non-believers shall perish while, through the direct intervention and guidance from 44 angels (recently expanded to 81 angels, including himself and his divine father, Leonardo da Vinci), Burton and his followers shall be spared, founding a new and more perfect civilization. Read more about the blog.

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Thursday, March 1, 2001

"ArkansasBob - The Burton Assram Yahoo Group"

Grog W. Goldwing/Greg W. Goodwin ArkansasBob Burton Assram Yahoo Group Fellowship of Friends criticism
The "Grog W. Goldwing (not his real name)TM" ArkansasBob - Burton Assram Yahoo Group as it once appeared.

[ed. - April 9, 2019 note: on April 6th, an editor of this blog received the following message from "GW Goodwin":
"Please remove my name and any copyrighted material you are publishing without my permission on your Burton blog. If it is not gone in a few days I will take further action."
During the days immediately following receipt of the message, a malicious attack was perpetrated on this blog. The evidence suggests that "GW Goodwin" is behind the ongoing attack.

Assuming "GW Goodwin" is indeed Greg W. Goodwin, a member of the Fellowship of Friends from 1982 to 1991, now a vocal critic of Robert Earl Burton and The Fellowship of Friends, and himself a presumed Fourth Way "teacher" in the mold of Burton and Alex Horn, we immediately honored their demand to remove Greg's name. However, in the tradition of Greg, who has "allegedly" avoided moderators' bans by employing literally dozens of pseudonyms on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion forum alone, we have applied our own pseudonym to material previously attributed (erroneously, no doubt) to Greg W. Goodwin.

"GW Goodwin" might claim to be "ArkansasBob", the administrator of a Yahoo Group (above) active in the early 00s. He may claim to be "c_influence44", the entity behind a Geocities website during the same era. To seriously consider any claim by Goodwin, we would need proof that he was behind the pseudonyms associated with those websites, and that the material presented was created and authored by him. Absent such proof, we'll attribute the work to the fictitious "Grog W. Goldwing (not his real name)TM".

It is interesting to note that this material, previously available on the Internet Archive and other sites, has recently been blocked from search engine indexing, likely by the actions of "GW Goodwin." But, as clearly shown below, most of the material is derivative, not original, thus any authorship and copyright ownership claim by Goodwin is dubious.

Coincidentally, a GW Goodwin (Facebook photo below), aka Tao Jones, aka Siamese Twinge, currently administers "The Fourth Way (debunked)" Facebook Group and continues to troll other 4th Way websites until banned.]


"Grog W. Goldwing (not his real name)TM" allegedly the infamous Fourth Way troll (4th Way troll) and former Fellowship of Friends member, Greg W. Goodwin
Infamous Fourth Way troll Greg W. Goodwin?

[ed. on March 1, 2001, former Fellowship of Friends member "Grog W. Goldwing (not his real name)TM" created the ArkansasBob Yahoo Group above. (Internet Archive site presently blocked: It attracted 111 members and apparently continued discussions in the tradition begun by Stella Wirk, first with her listserv, then her website.]
Group home page:


RENAISSANCE Vineyard-Winery,
Oregon House, Yuba County, CAFROM Case#060209, Yuba County:

"Burton explicitly told Troy [17 year old son of a member] that the "angels" wanted Troy to disrobe, and the "angels" wanted Troy to submit to Burton's advances because Burton himself was an "angel", a goddess in a man's body."

EVIL: Case # 060209
[ed. - see below]
Fellowship of Friends Cult Center
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"We are the greatest school since Christ's."
-Robert Burton

[ed. - The following messages, most widely-distributed within the ex-Fellowship community, were subsequently posted to this forum.]
I need your councel
From samaque@...

for <>

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 22:56:32 +0000

Subject: I need your councel

From: samaque@...
X-eGroups-Approved-By: c_influence44 <c_influence44@...> via web; 04 Feb 2003 00:44:16 -0000

Dear Bob,

I'm a former member of the F.O.F, and being haressed [sic] and persucuted [sic] by
them. I'm looking for lawyer to suit my complaint and I need testemonys [sic] of
those who know well the functioning of the cult.

Yours faithfully,

Sara Quelhas

PS: I tried to join your group but "they" managed to tamper with my

Arkansas Bob's Squeal Like a Pig Cult
From c_influence44@... Tue Feb 05 12:14:54 2002
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 20:14:34 -0000

BBS: Toad Hall BBS
Date: 11-15-94 (01:54) Number: 44873
Subj: The next letter. COPY



November 1994

Dear friend,

In an attempt to prevent me from talking to others about my
experiences with him, Robert has forbidden me to come to Renaissance
(or Apollo). I write this letter for those who are interested.

When I came to Renaissance in the spring of 1986 I had been in the
school for one year. In the center I had been told numerous stories
by the center directors as to how a great, almost saintly person the
Teacher was. Having come to the Fellowship needy of emotional and
spiritual support I was willing to believe these reports at face

After a few weeks of living at Renaissance, following a heavy
drinking 'symposium', Robert took me inside of one of the Academy
rooms and wanted to have sex with me.

When I told him that I did not want this because I had no homosexual
feelings, nor did I want to see myself assume those practices, Robert
dismissed my arguments by saying that I should externally consider
him as my teacher.

Partly out of fear for this 'all powerful' being, partly not to want
to feel guilty or judged, but largely because of the energy with
which Robert approached me, I was left with the feeling I had no

While Robert went about his business of trying to stimulate an orgasm
from me which he was going to receive orally I pointed out to him
that I was covering my face with my hands out of shame. Robert
retorted that this was a good opportunity for work for me.

This was the beginning of my functioning as a sexual servant which
lasted for several years.

In order to bear my plight I kept on telling myself that it was my
play to transform this kind of suffering and that learning selfless
servitude might eventually benefit my soul. I also tried to stimulate
in me the belief that since Robert was conscious, being in his
presence had to basically be a good thing.

Robert tried to assure me that what was going on between us was the
wish of C-Influence, and that the worst thing I could do was to
resist their plans. He also explained his attraction to men not as
homosexuality but as the result of his being an angel and a cosmos
above men, just like men's attraction to women stemmed, he would add,
from men being in a cosmos above women.

It was when I eventually met a woman (soon to become my wife) who
cared enough to point out to me that it was up to me to take
responsibility for my life, that I found the third force needed to
let Robert know that I did not want to continue serving him in this

He got very upset over this and from one day to the other what he had
called 'love' turned into hostility, resentment, and a total ignoring
of us as his students. It was here that it became really clear to me
that I had never been a 'friend' or a 'student' but had been used for
one sole purpose: Robert's sexual gratification. There had been no
love, let alone conscious love.

In the five years that followed we have never been allowed to have
dinner with our 'Teacher', nor were we given consideration when we
asked for help during great medical expenses while working on salary
at Renaissance.

During this period Robert did, however, call me numerous times on the
phone asking me if I would again 'come in his mouth' (his words), for
which he would, among other things, offer to pay my voice lessons,
knowing that these were important to me and that I had a hard time
finding funding for them. Needless to say, at this point I never as
much responded to his requests or 'offers'.

Much effort has been directed towards covering up information such as
which is disclosed in this letter. There has also been a collective
buffering among Fellowship members as regards Robert's practices.

How can people who pride themselves in having evolved levels of being
tolerate this? I am convinced that many of the prevailing attitudes
in the Fellowship are based on religious faith, such as those
regarding unverifiable issues like Robert's consciousness; the
Fellowship being an arc [sic] for a new civilization; the division of
humanity into 'students' and 'life people', and the alleged spiritual
superiority of Fellowship members over non-members.

I hope that you will have the courage to challenge your attitudes and
see them for what they are. For the sake of your evolution.

Your friend,

(*name withheld by request)


[Following was first distributed in October 1994. All addresses
hereon have changed since then, and this piece not updated with new
address information.]
Hello all, (letter sent by Stella to email list of ex-FOF members)

Here's a guy who is going to need friends to communicate with him and
he certainly will discover who is friends *are*. Please respond to
him if you wish. Here is what I received from him in snail mail today
(October 13, 1994):

Mailed to Stella on Oct. 11, 1994 - Marysville, CA postmark

From Richard Laurel (Richard Buzbee, legal name)
Box 684
Oregon House, CA 95962

[A hand-written letter of introduction was attached atop a small pile
of papers, below:]

Hi Stella,

I don't know if you can remember me. Richard Buzbee is my legal name.
I came from the Dallas, Texas center with my son back in 1977.
Reddish face, blonde hair and carrying around a lot of fear back
then, most of which I unloaded over time.

Here [enclosed] is a letter and two chapters that I sent out to all
people in the Fellowship that I knew. I was removed from the school
for sending it out, of course, and am now watching to see the
response, and to proceed to the next step which should make itself
clear hopefully. A group of students here at Renaissance is forming
and want to take steps to remove Robert. An obvious step is the legal
one but I would like to see what can be done by the group themselves.

If you have some ideas then please contact me. My phone # is 916-692-
1566 and my address is on the envelope. [see above]

I have read several books -"The Wrong Way Home," "Captive Hearts -
Captive Minds," "Combatting Cult Mind Control," but the best by far
seems to be "The Guru Papers." It has led me into the light and
helped me to take back my dignity as a human being - not a "chosen"
human being, not special, not lucky - just a human being trying to
make my way through this experience of life on planet earth. So from
one human being to another, I send you these things because I thought
you would be interested.


[The following letter enclosed with the above hand-written message,
and, as Richard wrote, was sent to everyone he knew in FOF:]

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you and several others because I value your
friendship and regard you as someone with whom I can be honest and
open. I decided to write to you because there have been some stories
spreading through the school about myself and Robert, and I would
like to clarify the situation. Also, I'm afraid that what happened to
me is already being covered up and may soon disappear, like many
things that have happened to others before.

I was asked by Robert to buy a gun and become night guard at his
house. I accepted because I considered this to be an opportunity to
learn from him, and to protect him from harm. I went with complete
trust in Robert and a desire to serve. After accepting the position,
I was informed that one of the duties required of all guards was to
give Robert massages when he asked for them.

One morning, as I massaged Robert's back, without saying a word he
sat me at the head of his bed on my knees. He then pulled down my
pants, began sucking my penis, and asked me to come in his mouth.
This was all done without my consent, very impersonally, without
concern for me as a human being (married with a family), and without
concern for me as a student wishing guidance to evolve. I felt
betrayed and used by the man who I thought was my spiritual father. I
quit the job and went off salary.

You might imagine that having sex with Robert is different from
having sex with other people, that Robert somehow uses sex for
teaching, or that it would make you more emotional, closer to the
miraculous. But it wasn't emotional, and involved no teaching. While
Robert was using me for sex, I was nothing more than an object,
something to be used to satisfy his own sexual desires.
Afterward, when I began discussing this experience with some of my
closest friends, I discovered that many of them had been used by
Robert for sex in a similar way. However, the greatest shock came
from my son Troy, who told me that Roert had been actively pursuing
him for sex from the time he entered the school--at age seventeen.
While he was growing up, I taught Troy that Robert was like a God,
someone he could trust fully in every regard. I thus unknowingly set
him up to be used by Robert for sex.

Robert had told Troy (and many others with whom I have subsequently
spoken), that C Influence wanted Troy to have sex with him. Robert
also offered money and privileges in exchange for sex. During sex,
Robert uses no protection against AIDS, herpes, or any other sexually
transmitted disease, despite the fact that he has sex with many
partners. On many of the nights I was a guard at his house, there was
a succession of male students coming and going from his room.
If Robert removes me from the Fellowship because I have distributed
this letter, I want you to know that I will still consider myself a
member, and will support the school in any way I can. This our school-
-we have built it and paid for it. As a group, we have accumulated so
much being; some people have been working on themselves for twenty
years or more. To walk away from the school after learning about
Robert's actions is to say that the school is his, and that we are
powerless. But this is not true. We just need to trust ourselves and
have the courage to come together and say no to actions that harm us.
We not only have the right to do this, we also have the
responsibility to bring the facts about Robert's activities into the
open, where they can be fairly considered by all of his students.

Since this experience with Robert, I have been given several books by
other people who have had similar experiences with him, and who were
trying to understand the reasons for it. With this letter, I am
enclosing chapters from two books that speak directly to our
situation in the Fellowship. [Chapters not included here.]

Please feel free to share my letter and these chapters with other
students. I would be interested in receiving a note or letter from
you as to your thoughts and suggestions about what I've written here.
Perhaps a plan of action will evolve through our efforts together. I
sincerely hope this letter will encourage others to speak openly
about Robert, the school, and their experiences. If the school is
healthy, it should stand up under any honest inquiry.
In friendship,
Richard Laurel (a.k.a. Richard Buzbee)
October 1994


[As I understand it, Richard Buzbee was given "medical leave" to seek
help from a psychiatrist. Typical FOF effort is to attempt to
discredit what he had written in his letter by casting doubts on his
mental condition. He did NOT need a psychiatrist.]

Un-retouched nor edited, except to add paragraph separations for
easier reading, copy of email msg received to the list maintained for
former members of the Fellowship of Friends.

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 17:44:13
From: richard buckley
Subject: Greetings!!

Greetings All!!

Was pointed towards this list via Stella after reading the 10/12/97
S.F. Chronicle article and making a contact with her. I've been
sitting back for a few days, going though most of the posts, trying
to get a feel for what's going on here. Quite a lively list!! I
quickly had to set up it's own folder just to keep my inbox down to a
comprehensible size! Despite the commotion going down with the 'hot
topic o' the day', I pick up an overall feeling of general cyber-
commeraderie and kindness---things most woefully lacking from many,
if not most, electronic gatherings of people I run across on daNet.

I'm getting a hoot out of seeing names and reading posts from people--
of which some have very clear faces--others are a little foggy--but
most I have no clue as to who they be!! Old dusty memories and a big
mixed bag of feelings have gotten rattled around inside here.
Amazing!! Really!!

Anyhoo, my FOF story, in a microscopic nutshell, be as follows:

1) Joined in Portland 4/74...

2) Moved to the Bay Area in 1976---To the Kensington House---does
anyone remember that nutty place??-- where I shared a little bedroom
with four other men--sleeping on the floor--I think 17-18 people
lived in this house at a time!! I worked as a grunt for
Anthony 'Somebody's' 'Fourth Way Lawn and Garden Service'. I remember
customers would ask me what the other three ways of gardening
were!!!. I can't remember exactly how I responded but can imagine
what a fairly new "good" student back then might say. Had to
be 'intentionally insincere' with those life people ya know. What I
wouldn't give to roll that old film a little more clearly today!!

3) Late '76 'til sometime in '78 was sent out to Cincinnati where,
after meetings, we'd go to discos instead of coffee shops. Lotsa of
sex and partying coupled (pun most intended) with lotsa crazy stupid
guilt. Meanwhile, while I'm trying to reconcile my raging hormonal
youthful lust for life with FOF ideas and 'suggestions' re: sex and
relationships, the person that I had transferred my deepest trust on
to is raping young men back in Calif.. Huh?????!!!!

4) Moved back to Renaissance in '78--or was it called Renaissance
yet??-- worked at the lodge as 'assistant maitre'd' for a little
while. More memories bubbling up to the surface----I remember the FOF
had bought out a Selix store's surplus of used tuxedoes--which seems
like it was the general working uniform of the day back then--and all
these men crowded into the 'barn' getting fitted into these penguin
suits (I remember fighting with Bruce Levy over a pair of pants. We
were the same pip-squeak size and there was little for us to choose
from) which we had to buy for the amazingly low, low price of
{{{{$44.00}}} which was not so amazingly low- as I remember- I think
I was getting around $75./month on salary!!! Eventually ended up
working in the vineyard driving tractors. One day, while I playing
tractor jockey and mowing terraces, the mower hit a rock and started
a fire that burned down more than 10 acres!! Now there's a gem I
haven't thought about in a decade or so! Interesting process, typing
out this stuff.

5) Some time in '79 , as I was courting Helen Drake (who, BTW, is
alive & well; remarried and living in Sonoma Co.) Robert asked me to
move into the Blake cottage. Well, this was like hitting the big time
for me.

I felt as though I must be doing something right to be singled out
for this honor. Little did I know. I was absolutely and completely
clueless. I remember a day or so before I moved in Don Biagi said to
me "living in the Blake cottage is very different than what you might
think"---And I just let that one sail way over my head. Little did I
realize--Don Knew!! Anyway, two days after I moved in RB made his
move on me. **Recalling this particular episode in my life has the
flavor of a weird distorted acid-trip**

I remember that even when he told me to take off all my clothes no
alarm-bells went off. But when he touched me-- every thing went off
like a nuclear explosion. Every alarm, every siren, every cautionary
sentinel of my being was set off shrieking and screaming. "Warning,
Will Robinson. Danger! Danger!!" I remember--now for the first time
since then---that I felt like I was going to pass out. Like I was
getting swallowed up by something way too monstrously big for me to
handle. All the trust and love that I had transferred onto this guy--
the person that was--to me, at the time---my ultimate caretaker, the
caretaker of my very soul---was blown completely and utterly away in
the fraction of the few moments it took me to comprehend what was
coming down.

Incredibly, somehow, I was able to say to him that I did not feel
comfortable with what he was doing. And just as incredibly, he did
not push the issue with me. He did not use his "C-influence wishes
this" bullshit line on me---but let me go back to my room to be alone
with my horror.

Two days later he called me into his room saying--and I will never
forget exactly what and how he said this--"Goodness, I think it would
be a good idea if you moved out of the Blake cottage".

I had no great compulsion to argue the request---I ran!!!! The entire
length of my residency there = 5 days.

I remember a few days after I moved out a couple of high
profile 'good' squeaky clean students said things to me inferring
that I did not have the *Being* it takes to be around the Teacher on
such an intimate basis, as though it was some character flaw of mine
that got me thrown out!! In some ways they were very correct. I kept
my mouth shut. And if I continue to hold onto any regrets, its that I
didn't say anything about my experience until several years later.

6) Come 1980 Helen and I married and I continued to work in the
vineyard but my whole inner landscape was changing rapidly. No big
surprize there,duh!

The outward form of the School began to have less and less meaning
for me and I began to seek out and really cherish other students who--
for lack of a better desciption--were out on the fringes of
acceptable FOF high society and tinged with not a small degree of
cynicalness. It was great!

I remember frequent bouts of heavy drinking get-togethers with other
vineyard 'badboys' where we'd sit around swearing and just generally
dissing the stinkiness of the hypocrisy so adhered to in the FOF
culture. "Fuck this" and "Fuck that" "What a big asshole so&so is"
and on and on.... Its exactly what I needed at the time and I'm
literally LOL as this stuff comes up on my screen.

I think, now, that this was the embryonic beginning of my recovery
and eventual healing!!! But, before any real tangible healing was to
occur, there were still some chasms in my being that I had to plummet.

I mentioned "heavy drinking" a few lines above. Well, for me it got
heavier and heavier. All the accumulated pain and loneliness of my
entire life seemed much nearer the surface after my 'RB experience'
and I did not have the resources to handle them in awareness.
Instead, I drank.

I pretty much drank like a fish right up until 1987 when the drinking
began to cease to work as an effective buffer against my pain and I
began to have this vague unsettling inkling that if I truly wanted to
reconnect with Life I had to start living it from the inside out
instead of taking it from the outside in. It was not a sudden
revelation or abrupt giving up of anything but much more a process of
which I still feel very much in the middle of today------And it is
all right!!!

7) Seems like I skipped a few years there maybe. Oh well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, ;-) I continued to work in the vineyard
and invisibly come apart at my soul-seams. Its interesting sometimes
to play with what kept me from up and bolting from the FOF in 1980.
Different factors I think.

1: It was it was my life!! I had real friends!! I was married for
cyin' out loud!!

2: I still clung to the line, in one form or another, that RB once
gave to another student (who did bolt soon after hearing it) " It
would be better one were not born than leave the School" Scary
stuff!!!---but for different reasons today.

In 1984,when Sammy Saunder's Revelations reached the general FOF
public, I began to prepare for my final departure.

I took some general science courses at Yuba College and then early
in '85 moved back to the Bay Area and got a degree in Nursing finally
severing from the FOF sometime early in '86.

8) I'm really getting tired of typing! Suffice it to say that the
last 11 years of my life---post-FOF---have been uneventfully very
eventful. The process we're all on does not cease. No matter how much
I wish it would. No matter how much I whine & bitch about it---------
it goes on.

So, sometimes I find I can take a breath in and out and
say "Perfectimoso!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks All for letting me catharse. I feel sooooooooooo
much better!!!! ;-) ...

Wishing All Well-------------------------R

Oh yeah---a quote I wanted to throw in from Ram Dass that says a lot
to me re: RB ...

When asked what he thought about Hitler, he replied using the concept
of Duality. And, in part, said....

"In the world of Two we try to stop Hitler. In the world of One we
realize we are Hitler." seeya-----------r

End-of-the-world Societies
From c_influence44@... Sat Jan 05 12:26:29 2002
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 20:26:04 -0000
Subject: End-of-the-world Societies

Sometimes people have what Mr. Ouspensky called false Magnetic
Centre and sometimes they have multiple Magnetic Centre that
is, they have many small, weak Magnetic Centres. As a result, they run
after every variety of magical and pseudo-occult practice, every kind
of mystical cult, *or even join end-of-the-world societies*...

Maurice Nicoll
Psychological Commentaries

Case #060209 
From c_influence44@... Mon Sep 24 03:54:58 2001
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 10:54:54 -0000

Subject: Case # 060209

[ed. - First posted at:]

Fellowship Of Friends-A Cult In Oregon House, California.

Another lawsuit filed against F.O.F/Renaissance Vineyard &

Winery, Robert Burton, Girard Haven, Abraham Goldman, Helga

Ruth Mueller, and Clair Bowen--directors of Fellowship of

Friends, Inc. The lawsuit brought by Troy Buzbee and filed

on April 29, 1996 in the County of Yuba.

Complaint for Damages is in Case # 060209

1. Fraud

2. Intentional infliction of emotional distress

3. Negligent infliction of emotional distress

4. Breach of fiduciary duty

5. Negligent supervision

6. Sexual misconduct with a minor

7. Sexual harassment

8. Wrongful discharge

9. Negligence

10. Failure to pay minimum wage

11. Battery

Fellowship Of Friends Cult - By Michelle M. Milligan

"Within the pages of the case are facts and details concerning sexual
and perverted acts practiced by Burton, his philosophies and
ideologies expected of the members."

According to the case, Robert Burton, "The Teacher", as referred to
by members, began the corporation Fellowship of Friends in

The "Fourth Way philosophy is taught and practiced by the Fellowship
of Friends.

The location of The Fellowship of Friends herein referred to as the
F.O.F. is in Oregon House, however the F.O.F. refers to their
location rather as "The Renaissance".

Troy Buzbee's father became a member of the F.O.F. in 1976. Richard
Buzbee's son Troy was only seven years of age. Richard Buzbee was
told that if he paid his teaching payments each month and followed
the tasks and suggestions of the teacher, Robert Burton that he would
enter "the way," become "conscious" and "immortal." He was told that
Burton was a "conscious being" and that he was "celibate." He was
told that he could trust Burton completely with his body and soul.
From 1976 through May 1994 Troy's father was a member of the
Fellowship of Friends.

As Plaintiff Troy Buzbee grew up he regarded Robert Burton as a God.
According to the case distinction between Burton and Troy's father
were not clear to him at times. Troy Buzbee became a member on
October 10, 1966 when he was 17 years of age, virgin.

After Defendant Burton and Defendant corporation Fellowship Of
Friends, INC's factual representations and undue influence caused
Troy Buzbee to lose his ability to think independently, he became
increasingly subject to the domination, control and undue influence
practiced, implemented, and used by said Defendants. In direct
consequence of such deception, coercive persuasion, brainwashing and
undue influence, Defendant Burton used Troy Buzbee, among hundreds of
other young men, for the partial gratification of his satyriasis, an
uncontrollable compulsion to engage in sexual conduct with scores, if
not hundreds, of men. In addition thereof, Defendant Burton exploited
Troy Buzbee for the provision of cheap labor, well under the minimum
wage. Said exploitation continued off and on until the time when Troy
Buzbee terminated his membership with Fellowship of Friends, Inc., in
August 1994.

Commencing in December 1986, Burton, would have "teaching dinners"
during which he would ply Troy with alcoholic beverages. After one
particular such meal in December 1986, Burton instructed Troy to come
to Burton's room and to shut and lock the door. Burton told Troy that
Burton was "an angel in a man's body", and the gods wished for Troy
to be close to Burton. Defendant Burton then held in an embrace.
Defendant Burton said, "influence C wishes you to be close with
me. "He repeatedly assured Troy that his "soul was not (his) body,
and that the angels wished for (Troy) to be with (Burton)." Burton
explicitly told Troy that the "angels" wanted Troy to disrobe, and
the "angels" wanted Troy to submit to Burton's sexual advances
because Burton himself was an "angel", a goddess in a man's body."

Burton said to Troy, "I promise you I am an angel in a man's
body." "You have to remember that I did not write the play about
Robert Burton." Burton would kiss Troy on the forehead which he said
represented the seat of the soul and then instruct Troy to "separate"
from his body and just "let go". Burton reminded Troy that Troy's
body would soon decay while his soul was immortal. Burton told Troy
that he would talk to him after he died using the same soft voice he
used at the time. Burton explained that for him the interaction with
Troy went beyond conventional sex and into "supersex", which was a
method characterological evolution. Defendant Burton stated, "My
sexuality is on the level of Super-Sex." From December '86--
April '94, Troy submitted to Burton's demands, which were: Drop out
of college, provide Burton with sexual favors and provide hour long
massages after Burton had been sexually serviced.

Burton used money from the corporation to pay other members for
performing specific sexual acts. In denominations of $50 or $100. The
case mentions one case of "specific sexual acts" performed on Burton
by Karl Feldman, Troy Buzbee's best friend. Burton spoke openly about
his sexuality in the form of jokes at the all-male dinners that he
would often lavishly host at all-male, all-you-can-
drink "symposiums." He would boast that "one hundred boys would not
be enough(for his sexual appetite)."Troy worked at the gatehouse on
F.O.F. property. Burton directed certain members who are "guards" to
arm themselves with firearm-type weapons. Burton then had him become
his "personal" guard. During the next four years Troy observed
numerous men in Burton's room in a single night. Troy was asked to
massage Burton after his lovers left.

According to the case, Burton suffers from sexually transmitted
diseases. He made no effort to tell Troy. As a consequence, Troy
acquired viral herpes. In addition, Troy suffered from stomach
ulcers. Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Inc. was built as a bomb-
shelter in obeisance to Defendant Burton's prophecies regarding
massive and wide-spread disaster and chaos in the near future.
Defendant Burton uses Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, Inc as his alter
ego in the same way he uses Defendant Fellowship Of Friends, Inc.

According to the case.....

At all times mentioned herein Defendants Girard Haven, Abraham
Goldman (also an attorney), Helga Ruth Mueller, and Clair Bowen were
members of the board of directors of the Defendant corporation,
Fellowship Of Friends, INC.

At all times mentioned herein all of the Defendants were acting as
the agents and servants of each other and in doing the acts
complained of acted within the scope of their agency and employment
and at the direction and with the knowledge and ratification of the
other Defendants.

The Defendant Burton at all times mentioned herein, dominated,
influenced, and controlled, and does now dominate, influence and
control the Defendant corporations and the directors and officers
thereof, as well as the business, property and affairs of the
Defendant corporations.

At all times mentioned herein, there existed and does now exist, a
unity of interest and ownership between the Defendant Burton and the
Defendant corporations; the individuality and separateness of said
Defendant and Defendant corporations has ceased; and despite
knowledge of these facts, Defendant corporations and its officers and
directors have had notice of acquiesced in and agreed, consented to,
and ratified the conduct of Defendant Burton as herein alleged, At
all times since its corporation to the present time, the Defendant
corporations have been and are now a mere shell and naked framework
which the Defendant Burton has used and does now use as a conduit for
the conduct of his personal business, property and affairs.

Defendant corporations are subject to a unity of control, and its
corporate structure was created as an attempt to avoid payment of
taxes and civil judgments and to confuse courts and those seeking
redress for these Defendant's acts. Due to the unity of personnel,
commingling of assets, and commonality of business objectives, these
Defendant's attempts at separation of Defendant corporations and
Defendant Burton should be disregarded.

Defendant Robert Burton directs, controls and operates Defendant
corporations and uses them to enforce his orders and carry out his
attacks on groups, agencies or individuals, including the acts
against Troy alleged herein, to the extent there is no separate
identity between Burton and said Defendant corporations and any claim
of such separate identity should be disregarded.

The Defendant corporations were created and are being continued and
maintained pursuant to a fraudulent plant, scheme and device, created
and operated by the Defendant Burton, whereby the benefits and
product of the income and revenue of the Defendant corporations are
diverted to the use and enjoyment of the Defendant Burton through the
Defendant corporations to himself while concealing the truth of his
financial relationship with Defendant corporations.

Prior to the formation of F.O.F. and Renaissance Vineyard & Winery,
Burton formed a conspiracy in concert between the corporations for
the express purpose and intent of developing and implementing
a plan and scheme which would permit Burton and co-conspirators to:

a. use, abuse and exploit the fiduciary relationship between the
Defendant Burton and the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends,
INC,, on one hand and the members of and contributors to the
Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC,, on the other hand
for their own personal unlawful gain; and

b. to use, abuse and exploit the fiduciary relationship between the
Defendant Burton, as 'founding minister', and selective members of
the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC., for the
express purpose and intent of performing unlawful and perverted
sexual acts upon the persons of said members, including Troy, and by
causing certain of the members, including Troy, to work for Defendant
corporation Renaissance Vineyard & Winery, INC., and Defendant
corporation Fellowship Of Friends, INC.

That all times pertinent hereto, the Defendant corporation Fellowship
Of Friends, INC., and the Defendant Renaissance Vineyard and Winery,
INC, were formed and operated by Burton and said other Defendants for
their sole and exclusive aggrandizement and to create an ambiance of
neo-religious import which was and is currently being used by Burton
and the other Defendants to manipulate, unduly influence, and control
the minds, bodies, and the assets of the members of the Defendant
corporations for the sole and exclusive purpose of 1) satisfying
Burton's satyriasis-his voracious appetite for perverted sexual
pleasure and elegant life-style; and 2) diverting the contributions
and donations of the membership to their own use and purposes.

Members of the Fellowship are required to donate ever-increasing sums
of money as they become further and further vested as members of the
Fellowship with the caveat that when donations required of them are
not timely and completely made their membership is either revoked or
they become indentured servants of the Defendant corporation in
residence at its principal place of business for nominal compensation
and required to perform degrading menial tasks of a full-time basis
at the whim and caprice of the Defendant Burton and other authorized
representatives of the corporate Defendant Fellowship Of Friends,
INC., and Defendant Renaissance Vineyard And Winery, INC. All
donations made by members of the Fellowship are devoted either to the
continuing worldwide recruitment of new and replacement members with
fresh money to contribute to "the cause," or the acquisition of
assets, including but not limited to, Defendant Renaissance Vineyard
and Winery, INC,, which are ostensibly being acquired for the use and
benefit of the membership but which are in reality being acquired for
the personal benefit and aggrandizement of Defendant Burton and some
or all of the other individual Defendants named herein.

Meanwhile, Defendant Burton annexes free and unfettered use and
enjoyment in and to the assets of the Defendant corporation
Fellowship Of Friends, INC., Defendant corporation Renaissance
Vineyard And Winery, INC., and the benefits to be derived there from,
including, but not limited to, the provision money for bribes to
young male members to prostitute themselves in an intensification of
Defendant Burton's compulsion and demand for sexual servicing of his
long-standing state of satyriasis.

The entire, purpose, scope and extent of the aforesaid plan and
scheme as implemented by said Defendants is to effectively deny the
members of the Defendant corporation Fellowship Of Friends,
INC., not only the right to participate in its rituals and teachings
on an ongoing basis but also, and of equal importance, to deny
members of said Defendant corporation, including Plaintiff, of their
just right to participate as beneficiaries entitled to use and enjoy
the property of said Defendant corporation.

Troy suffered from fright, horror, grief, shame, anger, humiliation,
embarrassment, chagrin, disappointment, worry, self-loathing, self-
betrayal and self distrust.

Haven, Goldman Mueller, Bowen knew of all these afore-mentioned
practices of Burton. They have agreed and abetted Burton in his
efforts. They knew of Burton's diseases and said nothing.
At all times pertinent hereto, Defendant Burton, and the other
Defendants, caused Troy's mental and emotional centers to become
deceptively and coercively inculcated with the following tenets:

a. Defendant Burton communicated with "C-influence" which was
provided by "44 angels" which were each individually named including,
but not limited to, Jesus, "Benjamin Franklin," "Lincoln" and "Bach,"
and that Burton was the Fellowship's only connection with
said "angels."

b. Defendant was and is the most important person on the planet since
Christ. Defendant Burton claims a numerology of consciousness where
he has already advanced to a man number 7.3, with Christ being a man
number 8. Burton is above man-made laws, a moral law unto himself.

c. "C-influence" brought Troy to the Fellowship and Defendant Burton,
and that Troy's interactions with Defendant Burton would be the most
important relationship that Troy could ever have.

d. Defendant Burton is assisted by "C-influence" to guide the
spiritual evolution of the member "students" with "shocks" designed
to help them "awaken".

e. The members of the Fellowship are special, and set apart by higher
forces for survival. Members of Defendant Burton's "inner circle"
must associate only among Fellowship members must disregard non-
members, and demonize ex-members who are critical of Burton whom "the
gods" will "destroy." Such ex-members' opportunities for growth and
development are terminated failing to submit to Burton.

f. Defendant Burton possesses gift of prophecy that is infallible.

g. In 1998 California will "fall" in huge earthquake whereupon people
will die in massive numbers.

h. In 2006 there will be an Armageddon, where all humans everywhere
except for members of the Fellowship will be expunged by higher

i. Members of the Fellowship will inherit the world's material goods
and act as the "Ark" for a new civilization based on that of the
Greeks of about 450 B.C., and are thus presently preparing themselves
to bear the torch of civilization now and in the future.

j. By following Defendant Burton's directives so as to gain "being"
(depth of character) through separating from suffering and immersing
themselves in culture, mostly Western art, classical music, opera and
ballet, Fellowship members, including Troy, are preparing themselves
for being the "Ark".

k. Everything the members of the Fellowship, including Troy, had
learned since birth was "false" and caused him to exist in a kind
of "waking sleep." The Defendant Burton informed Troy that in order
to "awaken", he had to replace what was "false" with what was "true"
which was defined as the system of ideas as The Fourth Way, including
all the "new" knowledge that Burton had added to that system.

l. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and
to Troy, that without "C-influence" Troy could not "awaken".

m. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and
to Troy, that to "awaken" was the only way to avoid having the
purpose of his life be to provide "food for the moon."

n. Defendant Burton stated, and states, that Troy's people outside
the group as "life-people," he said were "tragedies." Burton said
Troy's own mother was such a "life-person" and that the Fellowship
was Troy's "real" family and Burton was his "Father."

o. Defendant Burton stated, and states, to the general Fellowship and
to Troy, that any challenge to the extent of Burton's excesses of
greed and satyriasis to be a lack of understanding of his practice
of "crazy wisdom" which he asserts that he must force himself to
perform is forcing himself to live that way for the good of the
members as a "lesson."

Wish to read the rest and complete story, and even proof?

Send a self addressed long envelope, stamped to:

Of, By & For The People Newspaper

P.O. Box 1993

Marysville, California 95901

Burton's Men Number Five Students
From c_influence44@... Fri Sep 28 03:26:11 2001
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:04:27 -0000

Subject: Burton's Men Number Five Students

Burton has claimed three "men number five" students over the past 30
years. The first one was Donald MacDonald, who left
Burton's "teaching" when he discovered that Burton's vineyard workers
were living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while working 12
hours a day, 7 days a week. Burton was being served fine cuisine.
The second man number five was Miles Barth, who left after conferring
with the psychiatrist of one of the boys Burton had "relations" with.
Miles reported that Burton's first reaction when hearing that his
student of 17 years was leaving was: "This will be bad for the
money." Later Miles is reported to have said that in fact he was
never "conscious" and the whole thing was a scam cooked up by Burton.
The third man number five was a formatory yes-man named Girard Haven.
It is reported that Girard is presently sitting in a wheelchair,
wearing a diaper and drooling on himself after suffering a massive

Felonship: The Prophets Pimps
From c_influence44@... Thu Dec 27 15:57:57 2001
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 23:57:37 -0000

Subject: Felonship: The Prophet's Pimps

The Prophet would designate various matrons to travel to the teaching
centers, in disguise as 'Fourth Way teachers,' these matrons would
search the audience for pretty young boys. When they found suitable
candidates the Prophet would soon appear in that particular center
for a "teaching dinner." The unsuspecting 'pretty boy' would be
included in the list of those invited to "dine." Flattered and
awestruck with sharing lobster in apricot sauce with "The Prophet of
Armageddon", our unsuspecting pretty boy would be even more surprised
when the Prophet would send everyone away and invite him to share
champagne alone on the couches of the living room. It was there that
the Prophet would seek to live up to his nickname: Slobbering Johnson.

There was a competition among the blubbery matrons to deliver the
most splendid pretty boy to the vacuum presence of Slobbering
Johnson, Prophet of the Fourth Way. Those who delivered the best were
secured a plane ride to lovely places every spring.