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Thursday, February 1, 1996

Fellowship of Friends featured in Elle Magazine

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ELLE Magazine 1996
Yuba County, CA, is better known for rattlesnakes and lousy coffee than for wine and spirituality. But the Renaissance Winery and its surrounding community are working to change that. The vineyard has come a long way since its meager first harvest in 1978. (The crop was so small it took only ten minutes to pick.) And the Fellowship of Friends, as the winery’s organization is known, has started to draw crowds. The group’s members (2,000 worldwide) follow the teachings of mystics George Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky and believe that the challenge of life is spiritual evolution. At Renaissance that purpose seems clear: The Friends have developed an orchestra, a dance company, a rare-book bindery, and the most manicured rose garden this side of Versailles. Some help out in the winery, which has produced an award-winning Cabernet and a rich, honeyed Riesling, others simply come to soak up the intellectual fare. Nonmembers don’t have to buy into the philosophy, but they are welcome to stop in for a performance, a meal at the bistro, or just to find out how Renaissance is redefining the term “wine and spirits.” Alice Feiring

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