Presented in reverse chronology, this history stretches from the present back to the Fellowship's 1970 founding, and beyond.
(See "Blog Archive" in the sidebar below.) It draws from many sources, including The Fellowship of Friends - Living Presence Discussion, the Internet Archive, the former Fellowship of Friends wiki project, cult education and awareness sites, news archives, and from the editor's own 13-year experience in the Fellowship.

The portrait that emerges stands in stark contrast to sanitized versions presented on the Fellowship's array of
alluring websites, and on derivative sites created by Burton's now-estranged
disciple, Asaf Braverman.

Sunday, April 6, 1975

The Imitation Meditation Room

[ed. - From a member's personal journal entry.]

With Yuba County Building inspectors due to visit, today Fellowship of Friends members converted the upstairs dining room (referred to as "The American Room") to an "Imitation Meditation Room". It is a violation of code to have a second floor dining room, but the room has regularly been used as such and, if the ruse works, will continue to be used for serving lunches and dinners to members.

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