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Tuesday, December 19, 1972

Via del Sol

Fellowship of Friends publication "Via del Sol" December 26, 1972, Volume 2 Number 10. From Internet Archive.

"Via del Sol" posted the following on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, August 7, 2007 at 6:41 p.m.:
Early in its history, the Fellowship of Friends produced a printed publication (published approximately once a week), called “Via Del Sol”. This issue (Volume 2 Number 9, December 19th 1972) featured a collection of Robert Burton’s intellectual gems and purest distillation of his high understanding on the subject of sex. Italics are in the original. [ed. - all quotes from Robert Burton]
Physical sex, in its deepest meaning, is designed to perpetuate the species, and insure nature of a vehicle for transmitting planetary and celestial influences to the earth. Man’s physical pleasures are secondary to this aim, and, in general, a by–product of nature’s hidden aim.
The sex center is not an intelligent brain. It has a dull, plant–like intelligence. At times, it is quite a vulgar brain, and may be easily aroused by uncivilized levels of intelligence.
If a person has a full relationship with another, then sex may be a part of the whole. Without this factor, then one is in tramp and their sex life does not relate well with the mass or whole of their being.
Humans have been tricked by having their sex organs covered or hidden since birth, making them appear mysterious. This is why some people move from person to person having sex. They try to discover (or steal) what is hidden about the other person, and having found the secret move onto another person seeking the same hollow goal.
To have sexual relations with a partner who is at a lower level of being is to be in tramp. Flirtations are a form of tramp in sex and are sex energy leaks.

Martians, as a type, have the least need or desire to abstain from sex. Mercuries follow them in this area.
The machine creates enormous quantities of sex energy; nevertheless, when we lose sex energy, it can be a weary day.
Most men deviate in the quest for their Self by being engulfed in a woman’s problems, which she often offers a man as a means to gain his attention. Women put themselves to sleep by being conditioned to accept a subservient role to men. This refers to machines in both cases and not thyself. One of the ways schools in the past avoided this mechanical manifestation was through monasteries. The higher we can raise our level, it will be seen we are a vacuum moving amongst life, each a monastery amongst humanity.
It is not generally harmful for students to be at a level in their life where they are confused about sex aims. They may fluctuate between a desire to engage in sex and a desire to abstain. Remember the Self is born as a result of friction; and sex is most often an area of friction.
The sex center is a machine designed to seek out its magnetic opposite in physical union. It does not care for abstinence or transcending itself.

"veronicapoe" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, August 9, 2008:
Reposting again for those interested: the following is now online:
Miscellaneous Via del Sol journals, 1972-1973:

"Innernaut" wrote on the Fellowship of Friends Discussion blog, August 9, 2008:
I just read some of the Via del Sol journals that veronicapoe posted. They are from 1972 or so. You think Robert Burton is spouting nonsense now? I couldn’t believe the crap in those journals, or that I ever fell for them. This particularly struck me:
“People do not have a soul. They have to create one.”
How did we ever start believing in this? I can’t say with any certainty that people have souls, but I am equally uncertain that we don’t, or that they could be created by any means. This statement just has no relationship to reality. Yet it is one of the fundamental premises of the Fellowship of Friends, and always has been. Why would anyone believe this? Fear? It certainly looks like an excellent way to motivate people to do your bidding — scare people by telling them they don’t have a soul, but that, by happy chance, you can provide them with one, if they only pay enough, make enough of the right kinds of efforts…oh my god, what a con.
I was struck by the lunacy of many of the statements — just sheer insanity. I was also struck by the incredibly trite observations, offered in serious, heavy, pretentious tones, as though Robert had the secrets of the universe for sale. It’s all in the presentation — that’s where the big money’s at.

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